Meet Brad and Mindy


Alcoholism, drug abuse,incarceration, and other destructive behaviors were just some of the symptoms of the deeper issues within our minds, emotions and personalities. We were just trying to survive and cope with all of the pain the best we could”.

At the darkest point in their lives together they found that God had a purpose, a plan, and a destiny for them.

Brad and Mindy wouldn’t have been able to overcome the many obstacles in life, if they had not been willing to learn to live a new way.

In 2013, New Way Community Life Center was founded out of their experience. They found freedom, healing and purpose for living 10 years earlier, and wanted to share it with the world. Not just existing, but living life to the fullest!

“We believe that we can bring hope to our community . Our goal is to provide the same support to those who desire a new way of life. We know this can happen, because it is what happened in us”.