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New Way Journey

The New Way Journey workshops are a series of eight sessions that meet once a week. These workshops promote personal healing and growth for every participant. Each session builds upon the previous one. It is important to fully commit to attending each one in order to receive the maximum benefits of the New Way Journey. The New Way Journey is not geared toward any one type of person or situation, everyone can use the tools given in these workshops to better their lives in some way. There is a suggested donation per session. Sign up today to start your New Way Journey! Logo_Transparent

Abortion Recovery

Save One Abortion Recovery is offered to both┬ámen and women who have had an abortion. The after affects are often hard to address, especially in a society that doesn’t recognize the emotional trauma. New Way has partnered with Save One to help participants recover from the guilt, grief, and loss surrounding the abortion experience and come to peace with God, themselves and others involved in the abortion decision.